Confetti Crown Guiding Values

At CONFETTI we let our 3 values guide us in all decisions we make regarding our space, our team, and our clients.
Each one of us is an important part of our community. We celebrate unique and individual contributions. We support local and cherish our friends. We give and because of that we receive. We are inclusive of all.
2)conscious beauty.
We are deliberately aware of our impact on the earth and on every mind, heart and soul we touch daily. We have a genuine desire to leave people and things in a better state than where we found them.
We are a mood and we desire to be contagious. We are honest in our intent to deliver an impeccable service that moves our clients to be the best versions of themselves. Our purpose is to seek mastery in our crafts and to allow our clients to receive that mastery as we serve to them.
While I’m sure the words are nice to hear: how do we currently live these out at CONFETTI?
I’m glad you asked! …in soooo many ways. Here are a few:
1)community. We encourage diversity + inclusivity in all aspects. We have in place an anti-hate policy (and we follow it!). We don’t try to be a salon that hires the same person over and over again- in fact, we hire deliberately to fill any open and unique space in our environment to ensure that all service providers feel welcomed and that all clients can feel they have a person within our walls. Walking into a large salon+spa can be intimidating. Its our goal to make that change and once your in our space to feel heard and feel appreciated however you came. We have stickers on our walls reading: ‘all hair is welcome’ + ‘skin…we treat it all’. Our entire staff goes through an onboarding with The Dresscode Project to ensure that the basic needs or our LGBTQIA2S+ feels safe. We consider ourselves to be a safer space and offer non-gendered services and bathrooms. Yearly we do large donations to a local organizations and charities. CONFETTI proudly sponsored our local Ms. Wheelchair of Lane County. In the true sense of community, CONFETTI offers other community teachers and instructors a space to work and create awareness in their practice with our Sunday morning CHURCH @ CONFETTI. Each year, through our ongoing education, CONFETTI continues to train ourselves on multi-cultural hair ensuring we can assist any client who walks through our doors and that we understand the salon+spa trauma that may be following them from history and past experience. CONFETTI took part in the ‘Black Hair Matters’ training recently hosted by another local salon to learn more about Black Hair and all that it carries with it.
2)conscience beauty. We are aware of the impact we make on the earth. One hidden truth in our industry is the impact that we have daily on the world. The second hidden truth is that it can be stopped, at a cost, and most salons are not choosing to put a stop to it. By joining forces with Green Circle, CONFETTI has assisted other salons in keeping 1,284,437 lbs of beauty waste out of landfills just last year, avoiding 47 metric tons of Co2e by keeping 157 metric tons of single-use waste (hair color, gloves, foils) out of the landfill last year (that’s the same thing as taking 10 cars off the road for a full year), and assisting in generating 85,800 kWh of clean energy generated from our waste last year (that’s enough to power 94 homes for month or charge over 7,000,000 smartphones). But, that’s not even the start of it. We have replaced our lights to energy efficient lighting. We have added 4 DefenderPRO air purification units in our space. We send back all used Amika+Dermalogica products (our used as well as any our guests bring to us) to Terracycle. The brands we have chosen are deliberate due to many factors, but we always take into consideration the sustainability of the brand and the efforts they make to lessen their environmental footprint. Our brand partners all choose ingredients with the health of our clients and staff in mind.
3)experience. We desire to be the best. This isn’t just in our crafts, but does include our craft. This also includes the ease of booking, the transparency in pricing, the smile you get when you walk through the door, it’s the full experience from booking to check out that we are obsessed with. We have several ways to book including online. Our staff goes to mandatory ongoing education that keeps them aware of all new trends and fashion as well as techniques. Our desk staff also receives ongoing training. We want to create a space that allows you to stay all day if you want- so we try to have as many services as we can and still be on top of our game. From the sparkle we add to your complimentary drinks, to the extended massage and complimentary scalp treatment at the shampoo bowl- we will never stop obsessing about how to make your experience the best we can.